Dancedate Frankfurt - Your Bellydance Date

Your Bellydance Date In Frankfurt

Welcome to your DanceDate 21st – 22nd of October 2017!

Essential ingredients for a dancer’s perfect date:

DanceDate events value quality and passion in dance above all else.
During 3 magical days, we bring together the very best of our personal dance experiences from around the world – all in one dance event.

DanceDate is made by artists for artists.
Our distinctive heart logo visually represents our love and passion for dance.  Simply put, positive experiences create a positive life.  Our goal is to inspire and be inspired by quality and positivity.  Through our innovative events, we aim to offer you, our guests, such positive feelings about your dance that you simply cannot wait to come back each year.

Join us for a DanceDate!  We will make your heart beat faster!




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Angelina is a popular performer in the Frankfurt area, and also travels to perform for audiences world-wide. Originally from Russia she fell in love with Oriental dance...

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Marta Korzun

Marta Korzun

Marta Korzun (Ukraine) Marta ist eine talentierte und charmante Tänzerin aus der Ukraine, die in den letzten zwei Jahren einen steilen Aufstieg zum Superstar in ihrem...

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