Katalin Schäfer

more than a Designer. Leave the ordinary behind you with her unique ideas.


“Just like my movements my costumes are filled with spirit. One dream, idea gives only one costume like this the costume has to find the dancer! That is meaning you can have an houte couture bellydance costume from me.” (Katalin Schäfer)


Do you want a “private appointment” with her? 

As participant of this project you will get the opportunity for a private appointment. You will get the chance to take a look at all her costumes and fit them in private. Katalin will advice you in what suits you and what is the new hot stuff. Katalin knows exactly what dancers need and her famous clients (like Mercedes Niento, Asmahan of Cairo, Aica Legras) love her unique ideas.

The private appointment is optional of course. There is no purchase obligation! 

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A choice of her designs



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