Frankfurt am Main is one of the most exciting cites in Germany. This place is full of energy and pure life. I found a nice dance studios near the center of the city where we can enjoy the classes on Saturday and Sunday.  There are also a lot of nice hotels nearby so you can walk to everything! Nice right?


More about Frankfurt

640px-Frankfurt_collageIf you come to Frankfurt it looks and feels like a modern American city rather than a German town. The impressive skyline spawned the nickname „Mainhattan“, while its more than 300 banks – and the German stock market – prompt others to call it “Bankfurt.” Frankfurt is also the home of Germany´s biggest airport, which is also one of the world’s most important air transportation hubs.

But if you look a bit more closely, a scratch beneath the surface a very German city emerges. There are beer gardens, street markets and „appelwoi stuben“ which mix easily with Michelin-star restaurants, trendy bars and fashion boutiques.

Almost completely destroyed during World War II, Frankfurt’s Altstadt (Old Town) is a model of architectural resurrection and adaptive reuse, a maze of cobblestone streets and squares flanked by medieval churches, palaces and townhouses. Modern business constantly changes Frankfurt´s skyline. Last but not least, the distinctive double tower of the new European Central Bank premises will complement the skyline.

Across the river is leafy Sachsenhausen with its apple wine taverns and museum row. On either side of Goethe University, Westend and Bockenheim offer bohemian alternatives to the glitz of nearby downtown.

Though the city’s population falls just short of 700,000, Frankfurt feels like a much bigger town where big experiences await. Read more here..